7 Reasons Why Personal Loans From Money Lenders Can Help You

Notepad with the words ‘personal loan’ written on it, placed beside calculator and coffee cup

When you are facing urgent financial difficulties such as medical emergencies, short-term personal loans can be a lifesaver to help you with your cash flow during tough times. Personal loans are flexible loans you can use for many purposes. If you take a personal loan with a licensed money lender, you can often discuss and […]

5 Ways To Save Up And Pay Off Your Loans At The Same Time

suggest to update to: Woman's hands above a pink piggybank on a table thinking of how to save and pay off her loan

Unsettled loans can prove to be a burden to our financial health. In addition to the loans themselves, other financial obligations in Singapore could make it hard for us to settle the loans as fast as we wish. This prolonged repayment method will rack up interest rates, and when things pile up, it’s easy to […]

Debt Consolidation Plan Vs Loan: Which One Should You Get?

Man looking at bills while writing in a notebook with a pen

Are you struggling with one too many debts? While taking yet another loan is probably not a wise idea, some kinds of loans can help people who are mired in debt. Refinancing your loans with a debt consolidation plan or loan can be a good idea, as it usually reduces the interest rates you will […]

A Guide to Smart Budgeting for Your Home Renovation

Beautifully renovated white living room achieved by smart home renovation budgeting

Everyone’s dream home looks a little different, but it almost always requires some form of renovation to achieve the look you have in mind. Whether you are moving into your new BTO or seeking to revamp your current home, renovation fees can look enormously daunting. However, don’t let that discourage you! There are ways you […]

5 Essential Types Of Loans For Your Personal Needs

Young woman looking for possible loan options for her personal needs

A personal loan is one of the more popular unsecured loans and it can be used for a wide range of personal needs, from medical emergencies, family expenses, instant cash, and even for a dream wedding. Personal loans can be issued by banks or licensed money lenders without any restrictions on how the loan can […]

6 Things to Consider to Create a Solid Financial Plan

A young person with notebooks, calculator and laptop thinking about things to consider when creating a solid financial plan

Everyone needs a solid personal finance plan. As long as you are working and earning an income, it is vital to know how to save up, invest, and manage your spending. As important a life skill as this is, regretfully, it is not something that schools teach us how to do. So, here are some […]

Personal Loans From Licensed Moneylenders Versus Credit Cards

Stressed man looking at laptop considering taking personal loans versus using credit cards

Should you get a personal loan or a credit card? Having a credit card is very convenient. It offers users a line of credit that can be used each month, for up to a fixed amount. For ad hoc purchases and flexible credit usage, credit cards are a godsend. On the other hand, a personal […]

Where To Find Emergency Payday Loans With Direct Lenders?

Asian woman looking at her piggy bank to illustrate the concept of getting an emergency payday loan with direct lender

Imagine this: You opened the fridge to prepare lunch one afternoon to find it not functioning. You need to save all the food before they turn bad, and the only thing you can do is get a replacement fridge, pronto. Unfortunately, you’ve used up your savings for the month on other important expenses, and payday […]

Why Budgeting Effectively Will Grow Your Finances

Young woman budgeting and planning her finances to grow her savings

Are you working towards leading a debt-free life? Or aiming to reach financial freedom? It is often said that the first step to financial independence is not about how much you earn, but about how much you save. What percentage of your salary are you saving a month? How much are you choosing to spend? […]

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