5 Ways To Save Up And Pay Off Your Loans At The Same Time

suggest to update to: Woman's hands above a pink piggybank on a table thinking of how to save and pay off her loan

Unsettled loans can prove to be a burden to our financial health. In addition to the loans themselves, other financial obligations in Singapore could make it hard for us to settle the loans as fast as we wish. This prolonged repayment method will rack up interest rates, and when things pile up, it’s easy to […]

Tips For Building And Maintaining Your Credit Score

Couple with good credit score applying for personal loan in Singapore

An individual’s credit score is a score used by lenders as an indicator of how likely this person may repay his/her debts. It also indicates how likely this borrower may default on his/her loans. In short, it measures an individual’s risk as a credit applicant. In Singapore, a borrower’s credit score is measured by the […]

8 Tips That Will Help You Head Towards A Debt-Free Life

Dice with letters spelling out the word 'DEBT' beside coins and calculator on a table

Most people don’t like the idea of being in debt, and for good reasons. It’s unsettling to know that you owe someone money, and it can feel like a burden when you have to use a fraction of your salary each month to make payments. However, the truth is, most of us have some sort […]

Your Definitive Guide To Good Debt vs Bad Debt (Singapore)

Young small business owner hustling at her cafe, feeling happy about being in good debt as opposed to bad debt

When one thinks of debt, one usually immediately jumps at the idea that they’re all terrible. After all, when you owe another entity or organisation a considerable lump sum of money, how else would you describe it? Contrary to popular belief, not all debts are entirely bad. In fact, debt is primarily categorised into two […]

5 Tips For Borrowing Money The Smart And Right Way

Close-up of two people in business suit shaking hands over contract on table, illustrating right way of borrowing money smartly the legal way

While planning for your financial future, one important factor you should prepare for is financial emergencies. Financial emergencies are an unexpected expense that can happen at any time. A few examples of financial emergencies include medical bills, home repairs, and family emergencies. Although emergencies are inevitable, there are ways that you can mitigate them by […]

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