Applying For An Affordable, Flexible & Fuss-free Vacation Loan In Singapore

Of the long list of woes and nightmares to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, one that many working adults can probably resonate with is the insatiable wanderlust that is unfortunately impossible to satisfy amidst travel restrictions all around the world. While some countries may be easing up their travel restrictions, it might still take another year or so before air travel may be remotely safe again and before we can go on that long-awaited vacation.

In the meantime, while the world prepares for a new normal, there’s no better time to start planning ahead and make your dream trip a reality. However, with the rising cost of living and financial commitments, not everyone can easily afford a holiday abroad.

Nevertheless, do you find yourself constantly yearning to travel while scrolling endlessly through your mood board of travel photos? Do you find yourself restless from the travel ban yet can’t help but fantasize about your next travel destination? Have you always wanted to travel to far-flung exotic locations or simply want a long-awaited family vacation with your loved ones but can’t quite afford it?

If you find yourself nodding vehemently to the questions above, a vacation loan just might be the solution for you.

For many people, budgeting is not easy especially if your financial commitments are on the rise, be it from starting a new family, investing in new insurance plans, or simply saving up for other necessities. If, unfortunately, you’ve recently experienced a pay cut or have started a new job with a higher pay, waiting for a year or more to save up or splurging your pay raise on a vacation just doesn’t sound very appealing, especially if you have set your heart on that dream vacation for the longest time. 


When faced with a choice between financing your vacation on a high-interest credit card or taking out a vacation loan, the latter is usually the better option. Vacation loans allow you to divide your vacation costs into smaller, affordable monthly payments instead of a single large payment.

While it may be wise to save up month after month, taking on a vacation loan could be a viable solution to consider. As personal loans are lesser known than credit cards, there are many people who fall prey to high-interest credit cards and use them to fund their vacations instead.

At Goldstar Credit, we understand the needs of modern families and consumers. We have a one-stop solution and offer one of the best rates in town for vacation loans. Vacation loans are essentially personal loans but geared towards people who want to use the money for a holiday. 

If you’re interested in vacation loans, read on to find out about the 3 reasons why you should consider taking one up with us.


3 Reasons To Apply For A Vacation Loan With Goldstar Credit

Taking out a vacation loan with Goldstar Credit is fast and fuss-free as our team of loan officers can evaluate your loan request and tailor our loan options to your needs. We require no property or assets collateral and offer interest rates from as low as 2.27% and up to 6 times your monthly salary.

Unlike a credit card, a personal loan is repaid over a fixed period or loan term. The interest rates of personal loans are often lower than a credit card, which means you don’t have to worry about paying off any hidden fees or high interest rates post-vacay.

Credit cards can have steep interest rates if they are not paid on time, and you could end up paying more than you had initially forked out for your getaway.

For example, if you use a credit card on a $6,000 vacation with a 20% interest rate and it takes you 2 years to pay off the amount, you’ll end up spending more than $1,300 in interest alone.

With our flexible repayment schedule of up to 12 months, you can travel with a peace of mind. With a vacation loan, it can allow your dream trip to happen sooner as long as you have the budget to repay the loan. However, don’t be too quick to lock yourself into a long repayment period but make sure that your monthly installments are within comfortable limits.

We also have cash loan options designed to meet your financial requirements. Our loan officers are more than happy to accede to your requests and evaluate the terms in your best interests.

While saving up may be a viable option, the cost of living is inching higher and higher and sometimes time is not a luxury we all have. The dream vacation does not always have to remain a dream. Instead of spending months and years saving up for one holiday, taking up a fuss-free vacation loan would expedite this process, and sometimes we all deserve to live a little.

We offer quick and easy loan application and have one of the fastest loan approvals in the industry. We offer a minimum of $300 and up to $50,000 in personal loans. Once you have submitted your application online, our loan officers will get in touch with you shortly and work out a contract with the loan amount and repayment terms.

Goldstar Credit is a licensed moneylender certified by the Registry of Moneylenders under the Ministry of Law. Rest assured that we offer competitive and affordable vacation loans for any dream vacation you have in mind.

Life’s too short. Take the trip. Click here to apply for a loan or speak to our friendly and forthcoming staff to find out more.