Personal Loans From Licensed Moneylenders Versus Credit Cards

Stressed man looking at laptop considering taking personal loans versus using credit cards

Should you get a personal loan or a credit card? Having a credit card is very convenient. It offers users a line of credit that can be used each month, for up to a fixed amount. For ad hoc purchases and flexible credit usage, credit cards are a godsend. On the other hand, a personal […]

Where To Find Emergency Payday Loans With Direct Lenders?

Asian woman looking at her piggy bank to illustrate the concept of getting an emergency payday loan with direct lender

Imagine this: You opened the fridge to prepare lunch one afternoon to find it not functioning. You need to save all the food before they turn bad, and the only thing you can do is get a replacement fridge, pronto. Unfortunately, you’ve used up your savings for the month on other important expenses, and payday […]

Why Budgeting Effectively Will Grow Your Finances

Young woman budgeting and planning her finances to grow her savings

Are you working towards leading a debt-free life? Or aiming to reach financial freedom? It is often said that the first step to financial independence is not about how much you earn, but about how much you save. What percentage of your salary are you saving a month? How much are you choosing to spend? […]

Comprehensive Guide: Business Loans from Licensed Moneylenders

Small business loan application form from licensed moneylenders

Many successful businesses have one thing in common: a stable capital reserve. But establishing a stable financial foundation is easier said than done – these capital reserves require tonnes of money that a layman does not have at their disposal. In this situation, licensed moneylenders can offer you the much-needed capital to start and maintain […]

A Guide To Interest Rates, Tenures, And Repayment Schedules

Young lady jotting down her bills’ interest amounts and repayment schedules

Personal loans are one of the more basic loans provided by licensed moneylenders in Singapore. When used correctly, personal loans can effectively help individuals through their financial difficulties. If you’re considering taking out a personal loan, it’s important to learn how interest rates, tenures, and repayment schedules work. It’s essential to understand these terms to […]

5 Ways to Plan a Personal Budget That Works

A young woman planning her personal budget

Budgeting is an essential step for any financial plan, but how many of us know exactly how to go about doing it? Doing your budgeting well can help you get closer to your financial goals, be it a short-term one like saving up for a holiday, or a long-term one like saving up for retirement. […]

Survive Financial Emergencies With Personal Short-term Loans

Close up of loan officer explaining loan contract to man who’s taking a short-term personal loan

Life’s unpredictability includes all kinds of unforeseen challenges. One of these challenges is sudden and unexpected financial shortcomings. No matter what the cause may be, they’re unavoidable obstacles that come swiftly, leaving no room for you to prepare in advance. Emergencies come in many forms, but the most common ones are medical and technical. The […]

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