Applying For A Quick & Collateral-free Bridging Loan In Singapore

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If you’re in the midst of selling your property and buying a new one, congratulations! Upgrading your property or moving into a new house is exciting business if not for the monetary gap conundrum some people might face. You may find yourself temporarily stuck as the sales proceeds from your old property have yet to come in while you must make the down payment for your dream home pronto. Thankfully, a bridging loan can help you transit seamlessly into purchasing your new home.

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What Is A Bridging Loan & How Does It Work

A bridging loan, as the name suggests, is a short-term personal loan meant to ‘bridge’ the monetary gap between the sale of your old property and the purchase of your new one. It can help tide you over until you receive the sales proceeds from your old property in time for you to make the necessary down payments for your new home. 

For instance, when buying at a property auction, you have to make a decision promptly but it would be difficult to do so without sufficient funds at hand to complete the sale. This is where a bridging loan would come in handy. It can also be used to finance a renovation while waiting for your mortgage application approval. If you are interested to find out more about our renovation loans, click here.


There are 2 types of bridging loans you can apply for in Singapore.

The interest rates for these bridging loans are usually 5% to 6% per annum and can be quite expensive due to high interest rates and fees. 

Alternatively, you can consider applying for a personal loan with us at Goldstar Credit. Our bridging loans are personal loans designed with your best interests in mind – and by that we mean keeping our interest rates low and competitive! Our attractive interest rates are as low as 2.27% per month and our flexible repayment scheme allows you to spread the loan up to 12 months so you can focus on your selling your property with ease.



Before applying for a loan, check with your lender how much you are allowed to borrow for your property purchase. Make sure that the amount is sufficient so that you won’t have to top up the remainder with other cash means.

For Singapore citizens, permanent residents and foreigners in the midst of selling your property in Singapore, it’s also important to have a good credit score.

You will also have to take note of your Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR). In Singapore, TDSR is a framework set by the government to keep your debts and balances in check. It calculates the percentage of your income that goes into repaying your loans. To find out more and calculate your TDSR, click here.

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How To Apply For A Bridging Loan With Goldstar Credit

Applying for a bridging loan with Goldstar Credit is quick and simple. Our team of loan officers will evaluate your loan request and tailor our loan options to your needs. We require no property or assets collateral, with attractive interest rates from as low as 2.27% per month and you can loan up to 6 times your monthly salary.

Follow these simple steps below to apply for a bridging loan with us today:


Submit an online application through our website

Wait for our loan officer to contact you

After discussing the terms and requirements, you will need to attend an interview

Once that’s done, you can drop by our office to finalize your loan amount and loan terms

Once your loan is approved, you have to sign a contract

Receive your loan in cash on the spot

Other documents you may need to prepare include the Option to Purchase (OTP) document, your proof of income, CPF withdrawal statements, and any outstanding bank loan statements that will be needed to determine the loans you will be able to take out.

Time waits for no man. Don’t let your dream house slip away because of the lack of down payment funds. Apply for a bridging loan with Goldstar Credit today or speak to our loan officers to find out more.


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We charge competitive interest rates and fees, which is why so many of our customers keep returning to us.

As a Goldstar customer, you get to enjoy:
Loan interest rates of 1-4% a month*
A maximum of 5-10% in processing fees*