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We have served more than 28,000 borrowers

Served more than 28,000 borrowers


5Star 12

reviews on Google

The most highly reviewed licensed Hougang money lender

Why Goldstar Credit – Hougang?

We are the most established licensed money lender in Hougang, Northeast Singapore

We serve Northeast Singapore

location of moneylender

The Northeast region consists of Sengkang, Punggol, Hougang, and Serangoon, with Sengkang and Punggol being the newer estates in this part of Singapore.

Hougang is the most populated town in the Northeast, with 15 to 64-year-olds making up 72% of the population in Hougang. Hougang has a healthy mix of the young and old, with a large proportion of working adults.

As the cost of living in Singapore increases progressively each year, many people find themselves cash-strapped or unable to afford daily necessities and luxuries. Eating out, shopping, going to the movies, and splurging on the occasional Hai Di Lao or luxury item are not things people living paycheck to paycheck can afford.

Accessible & convenient location


Accessible & convenient location

We chose to set up our office in Hougang to serve the residents of Northeast Singapore who may need temporary financial help.

Goldstar Credit is just a 5-minute walk from Hougang MRT station — it is extremely convenient for residents of other neighbouring estates to reach us as well.

The most established licensed money lender in the region

Currently, there are only two Hougang money lenders in the Northeast region, Goldstar Credit and Accredit.

Goldstar Credit, however, is the more established Hougang money lender in the Northeast region, having been around since 2009.

The most established licensed money lender in the region

introducing moneylender to the client

Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority

Together with our Toa Payoh branch, we have served over 28,000 borrowers to date and accrued more than 3,500 5-star reviews on Google for our Hougang branch alone.

The majority of our customers are happy and satisfied with our professional service and how our loan officers could empathise with and understand their unique needs.

With our attentive, customer-oriented services, we strive to be the most reliable licensed money lender in Hougang and the whole of Northeast Singapore.

Read more about our team here.

Our Gold Standard goal as the top legal Hougang money lender

budget and savings

As a well-respected and professional legal money lender in Hougang, we offer our services to help take the financial strain off of you whenever you require a quick cash loan.

Be it making up for a temporary shortfall in cash, tending to a loved one’s emergency, getting a bridging loan for a property purchase, and so on, we have a wide array of personal loans and business loans readily available to residents in Hougang and beyond.

Financial difficulties can occur to anyone at any point in our lives. Furthermore, living with a low income makes one more susceptible to incurring debts.

A major financial pitfall for most people is chalking up credit card debts. It is easy to spend with credit cards but their high interest rates can leave many people worse off financially than they first started.

Therefore, when in financial difficulty, it is best to avoid using credit cards to pay off your bills and purchases. This would help reduce your liabilities while avoiding the chances of you incurring high interest charges every month.

However, all hope is not lost. No matter your financial situation, Goldstar Credit is here to help.

Why Goldstar Credit’s Gold Standard attributes
are trusted by many

We are a licensed Hougang money lender registered with the Ministry of Law, and adhere to MinLaw’s strict rules and regulations governing legal lenders in Singapore

We offer fast approval for your loan within 30 minutes or less.

We have less stringent application criteria compared to banks.

We welcome applicants with a bad credit history.

Our interest rates are affordable. You stand a chance to get reduced interest rates if you are a regular customer or have a good credit history.

Our loan officers have over 10 years of experience in the money lending industry.

We are customer-oriented and seek to offer a helping hand to clients with financial difficulties.

We are a team of friendly and professionally-trained loan officers and debt collectors.

Our loan team has a minimum of diploma qualifications.

Goldstar Credit is certified in the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, Money Lender Operations & Compliance Training by the Credit Association of Singapore.

Our manager is test-qualified and has over eight years of experience in the industry.

We provide professional advice for clients with financial difficulties on how to better manage debts.

We are a Certified Member of the Credit Association of Singapore.

You deserve no less than a Gold Standard loan service.

What you will love about our location in Hougang

If you are staying in Hougang or a neighbouring town in the Northeast region, you will be happy to find that our office location is very accessible and convenient to get to.

Nestled in the bustling heartlands, we are located just 5 minutes’ walk from Hougang MRT station and Hougang bus interchange. Various major banks like UOB, DBS/POSB, and OCBC are also just a short walk away, so you don’t need to worry if you need to attend to banking needs before or after getting your loan. The walk from the MRT station and bus interchange is also fully sheltered. Rain or shine, you’ll be able to reach us comfortably.

For those of you who are driving, there are a few open-air as well as sheltered car parks nearby — these are either located around 30 metres from our office or in the same building where Goldstar is (The Midtown).

Hougang Community Club and Hougang Polyclinic are just a 12-minute walk away while Hougang Mall is a mere 5-minute walk away — you can run your errands easily nearby.

Our office features

No.1 Hougang Money lender

Our fully air-conditioned office is well-stocked with packet drinks, a water dispenser (with hot and cold water), as well as free masks and sanitisers. Our licence and other money lending-related certificates are also prominently displayed in our office.

The newly renovated double-storey office is bright and spacious, equipped with a television as well as magazines and newspapers to keep you occupied while you lounge comfortably in the waiting area. We also do daily sanitising and provide complimentary phone charging service for iPhones and android phones.

So, just sit back and relax while you wait for your turn to have a short, friendly chat with our loan officers.

Emergency alarms and CCTVs are also installed in the office — we take our customers’ security very seriously.

We also seek to educate our customers on unlicensed money lenders and loan scams — you will be able to find related articles on display. If you are unsure of how to recognise scams, feel free to chat with our loan officers who will be more than happy to answer your questions.

No.1 Hougang Money lender
Goldstar Hougang office level 2 interior 5
Goldstar Hougang office level 2 waiting area 3
Goldstar Hougang office level 2 interior 3
Goldstar Hougang office level 2 interior

Who can apply for a loan with us?

These are our eligibility criteria:

moneylender checklist

These are our eligibility criteria:


You need to be 18 years old and above.


You need to be a resident of Singapore (Singaporean, Permanent Resident, or foreigner with an employment or work pass).


You should either be employed or have a consistent source of income.


Your loan limits depend on the income requirements as stated below:

Annual Income

Loan limits for Singaporeans / Permanent Residents

Loan limits for Foreigners

Less than $10,000



At least $10,000 but less than $20,000



At least $20,000

Up to six times monthly income

Up to six times monthly income

Annual Income Loan limits for Singaporeans / Permanent Residents Loan limits for Foreigners

Less than $10,000



At least $10,000 but less than $20,000



At least $20,000

Up to six times monthly income

Up to six times monthly income

How to apply for a loan with Goldstar Credit?

Applying for a loan online?
Read the section on ‘Application Process’ in our guide to online licensed money lenders in Singapore. All it takes to apply for a legal loan with us is just a couple of minutes of your time!

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We charge competitive interest rates and fees, which is why so many of our customers keep returning to us.

As a Goldstar customer, you get to enjoy:
Loan interest rates of 1-4% a month*
A maximum of 5-10% in processing fees*