Personal Short Term Loans And How They Can Be A Lifesaver

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Life’s unpredictability includes all kinds of unforeseen challenges. One of these challenges is sudden and unexpected financial shortcomings. No matter what the cause may be, they’re unavoidable obstacles that come swiftly, leaving no room for you to prepare in advance.

Naturally, one would think of options that can quickly solve these problems. When it comes to swift financial solutions, a loan is almost always the first thought that pops into your head. But after much deliberation, reason would suggest that adding more on top of your current financial strain is a bad move.

Despite the initial aversion to the idea, know that short-term personal loans exist for this reason and applying for one can get you out of a tight spot without further compromising your finances. If you’re willing to give personal loans a chance, read on to discover the situations in which applying for a loan can be an absolute lifesaver.

Temporary and sudden financial shortages

Personal loans are ideal if you are looking for quick cash to fix sudden financial shortages without making a dent in your savings account. Be it for individual or personal business needs, there will always be instances when readily-available funds are needed to tide over cash crises. In such scenarios, it is best to take short-term personal loans.

What makes these loans great is because they typically have short repayment times, possess no restrictions on what it can be spent on, and is available to persons of all income levels. And when you opt for unsecured personal loans, the most common type of personal loan, providing collateral won’t be an additional concern. That said, be diligent and do proper research for a licensed personal loan moneylender in Singapore, preferably a highly reputable one.

Ideal for individuals and business owners deemed ineligible by banks

If you are looking to get a loan from a bank or a financial institution, you will have to provide numerous documents and prove your economic viability. This can prove to be a hassle for individuals and business organizations looking for quick credit and secure repayment schemes.

As such, opt for the easier alternative and contact a reputable personal loan moneylender who provides short-term loans. You can then discuss the loan terms with them and get a suitable loan for yourself or your business.

Medical or technical emergencies

Emergencies come in many forms, but the most common ones are medical and technical. The former usually relates to abrupt illnesses or accidents, while the latter concerns one’s property, such as car troubles or urgent home renovations. These emergencies typically require you to fork up a huge lump sum of money – money that you may not have sitting idly in your bank account.

With a small personal loan to aid you, you can get a hold of the much-needed money to pay off the expenses accrued by such emergencies. Moreover, the strain of these unavoidable expenses won’t take a massive toll on your financial balance, as it will be spread out over smaller, more manageable payments.


One cannot deny that personal loans are excellent options that can quickly get one out of a bind. Despite all its benefits, you should consider several factors before applying for a loan, such as the requirements and your ability to pay it off.

Once you’re all set, contact a licensed moneylender near you. As reputable as they come, Goldstar Credit is a licensed moneylender in Toa Payoh that strives to be your preferred moneylender of choice. As a member of the Registry of Moneylenders in Singapore, our mission is to devise the best outcome and go the extra mile for our clients, reflected in our exceptional track record. Aside from personal loans, we also offer other excellent financial solutions, such as medical and debt consolidation loans, to ensure that money will never be an issue for your business.


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